"Just because something is “natural” does not make it safe for sensitive people."


Q. “Dr. Jacobs, can you please go over your Gentle Hair Products and explain how to use them?”


Sure, no problem. I'll explain my Gentle Hair Products so you can better understand.

ABC Gentle Hair Products? How To Use?

Gentle Products For Hair

Last but not least, our hair products, True Moisture® Gentle Hair Shampoo and True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Gentle Help For Hair. Why did I create hair products for dry and sensitive people? It was all about my patients. Out of the thousands of dry and sensitive patients I have cared for, a good percentage have an itchy scalp. I see them scratching their heads in my waiting room. It really is obvious. The scalp is close to your face, so an itchy person needs to raise their hands to scratch their scalp. Not only is it noticeable, but scalp itch can also be fierce! Some patients lose their hair permanently as a result of itching and scratching. So, I take it seriously. And one more thing, the scalp is not the only hair baring area of the body. The same hairy dry and sensitive situations can also occur in the groin, or chest, or underarms, or other spots where hair grows. So, dry and sensitive people can have a dry and sensitive scalp, and I decided to create a shampoo and conditioner for my dry and sensitive patients.

To give you further insight into the shampoo and conditioner story, I must explain that I myself have suffered so horribly with a dry and sensitive scalp. And even more confessions, I, myself, live with very bothersome dry and sensitive skin. Well, because I was not only the doctor, I was also the patient, just like I did with the creams, lotion, and cleansers, I searched high and low for the perfect shampoo and conditioner. And, just as I discovered before, the world of shampoos and conditioners was also filled with more products than I could ever imagine. But when it came to the dry and sensitive skin of the scalp, one thing stood out. 99.9% of the shampoos contained fragrance, quaternium 15, and nothing gentler than TEA lauryl sulfate as the surfactant. 99.9% of the hair conditioners contained preservatives, fragrance, and zero lipids. So, I scoffed, and was not happy with them. Then, I tried for myself to create the perfect shampoo and conditioner system. It wasn't until then that I understood just how difficult it really is to create the perfect shampoo and conditioner system. The big problem with shampoos and conditioners is that it is a great challenge to have a completely ABC friendly list of ingredients that also leaves your hair gently cleansed, soft, shiny, and manageable with all the beautiful hair qualities we love; yet, does not remove color and does not cause itch.

Compared to the creams, lotion, and cleansers, the shampoo and conditioner system was really the most challenging. Probably the biggest problem is that every year researchers discover yet another problem with one or more of the most common shampoo and conditioner ingredients; and because a particular ingredient is found to cause cancer or is found to be highly allergic, the public must be notified and the ingredients must be changed. It is so easy for the media and "natural product" reviewers to criticize the people who create shampoos and conditioners; but really, it is very difficult to make an acceptable shampoo and conditioner system and keep within 100% safety as far as ingredients are concerned. Thankfully, shampoos are wash off and not leave on products. And as a side note, a truly gentle, yet safe shampoo is much more difficult to create than is a truly gentle, yet safe, conditioner. With True Moisture® Gentle Hair Shampoo and True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Gentle Help For Hair. I believe I came as close as humanly possible in creating an elegant shampoo and luscious conditioner system that is truly safe and gentle for scalps on my dry and sensitive patients.

I need to explain a few more important facts about a dry and sensitive scalp. Just as with dry and sensitive-like skin conditions that require an actual dermatologist to diagnose and treat, there are also dry and sensitive-like scalp conditions that will require the touch of a true dermatologist. There are, for example, patients with scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, contact or irritant dermatitis, severe atopic dermatitis, severe eczema, fungal infections, yeast infections, bacterial infections, and viral infections, cellulitis, folliculitis, sun damaged conditions, precancerous conditions, even cancerous conditions that require medical help, but, can easily be mistaken for simple dry and sensitive skin of the scalp. For any dry and sensitive scalp (or skin) situation that does not resolve, I suggest that you see a dermatologist who can evaluate your scalp and give you the accurate diagnosis and appropriate dermatologic medical treatment.

True Moisture® Gentle Hair Shampoo

If you suffer with skin sensitivity, then, your hair and scalp will also need gentle care. True Moisture® Gentle Hair Shampoo is the kindest way to cleanse your scalp and hair. Its beauty is in its simplicity. This shampoo contains only what is needed to gently cleanse. While most shampoos, even baby shampoos and fancy high-priced salon shampoos, have fragrance, harsh surfactants, and a mile long ingredient list, our very Gentle True Moisture® Hair Shampoo is preservative free, quaternium 15 free, sulfate free, and fragrance free. Our shampoo contains only gentle ABC friendly ingredients. Use daily. Softly lather into scalp. Rinse, then rinse again with two cups of pure distilled water. Afterwards, follow with True Moisture® Gentle Help For Hair. True Moisture® Gentle Hair Shampoo is an ideal shampoo for every age from babies to adults. It is non-drying, color-safe, and perfect for those who have allergies to preservatives, sulfates, quaternium-15, or perfumes. After you use our Gentle Hair Shampoo, take a moment to touch, feel, and sense the nice difference.

True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy®
Gentle Help For Hair

You can have a good hair day or a bad hair day. It?s true! 88% of women surveyed believed that their hair determines whether or not they will have a good day. Your good hair day can begin with True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Gentle Help For Hair. Healthy hair is shiny, silky, smooth, soft, defined, moisturized, and manageable. Damaged hair is just the opposite. "Bad hair" is altogether rough, hard, undefined, dry, brittle, and unmanageable. By the time you see physical damage, it's usually too late, and the hurt hair must be cut off. Major sources of hair damage include backcombing, double processing, steamed heat, curling irons, blow dryers, and ultraviolet light. Here's definitive help for you. True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Gentle Help For Hair is fragrance and preservative free, and is based on Questamide H lipids, plus, cetrimonium chloride, and dimethicone. It will moisturize, condition, and detangle. Your hair will truly look and feel rested, reconditioned, replenished, and revived. A hint for severely dried, treated, tangled, or damaged hair: Shampoo and rinse, then, deeply massage a small amount of True Moisture® Clinical Lipid Therapy® Gentle Help For Hair into your scalp and hair. Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse once more with distilled water. Repeat nightly for seven nights. Take a minute to touch and feel and sense your hair. You should be pleasantly surprised with your new results.


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