Book by Randy Jaocbs, MD 330 pages written for non-medical people Contains 9 chapters of unbiased patient education for dry and sensitive skin patients. Chapters 1-6 discuss dry and sensitive skin theory. Chapters 7-9 discuss dry and sensitive skin therapy. Chapter 10 discusses True Moisture® personal skin care products. Chapter 11 reviews questions and answers.
Gentle Help for Hair
(Moisturizes, Conditions, Detangles)Gentle Help For Hair is fragrance and preservative free, and is based on Questamide H, plus, centrimonium chloride, and dimethicone, to moisturize, condition, 180ml, 6 fl. oz.
Gentle Facial Lotion
Facial Lotion is “PBO” free, preservative free, paraben free, fragrance free, propylene glycol free, and is unique among face lotions offered by other companies. 120ml, 4 fl. oz.

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DOCTORS, SALONS, SPAS, ESTHETICIANS, RETAIL STORES, SKIN CARE CONSULTANTS... Offer your customers the most innovative dry skin care line on the market!